The Taster: Braintree Buffalo Bonanza

by The Taster
BHS News

Recently the Taster has put his nose to the grindstone and battled through fire and brimstone . . . and chicken, to come up with a terrific Braintree Buffalo Chicken review. The results are not too surprising for those who are from Braintree, but there were some surprises!

#6: Double G’s

Double G's

Double G’s

To sum it up: awful. Skinny puny pre-packaged chicken cutlets that were doused in Franks’s red hot, with a side of packaged Ken’s blue cheese. I get it, buff chicken isn’t their thing, but at least try. The chicken was flat and seemed microwaved, and blue cheese had a weird pale-yellow color. Overall: If you go here, get pizza I guess.

#5: Richardi’s



Eh, just okay. Decent buffalo flavor, okay blue cheese BUT they charged us 50 cents for a blue cheese. Not extra an extra one. 50 cents for a side of blue cheese. Come on! Chicken was decent round tenders, but lacked a true buffalo flavor. It was so bland it tasted like I was eating boiled chicken.
Overall: Stick to the steak and cheese or Italian subs.

#4: The 99

The 99

The 99

Was only in this contest because a dear friend requested it. What an epic fail, and I now see my friend in a different light. Very similar to Richardi’s tenders with a little more buff flavor, but the tenders were not completely covered which resulted in loss of points. The 99 was, however, the only place to serve some nice carrots and celery, so add some points.
Overall: If you go to The 99, get the Gold Fever wings, and taste one of the best sauces ever.

#3: EasyPie

Easy Pie

Easy Pie

Didn’t know much about this place coming into it, and I was pleasantly surprised with the quantity and quality of the chicken. HUGE thick chicken fingers with a unique spice rub in the batter, then tossed lightly in sauce. These things looked devilish, but the bark was harsher than the bite. Also the service was rushed and the guy serving me seemed like a grumpy, depressed hipster working at Urban Outfitters. Tasty, hearty, thick, juicy chicken put them in the top three.
Overall: Solid chicken tenders and they would go great with one of their massive burgers or weird pizzas.

#2: Wamps



Easily the best bang for your buck! Tasty tenders, not the biggest, but very juicy and coasted well with just enough sauce. It’s the little things that mattered and they did everything well – nothing outstanding or horrible – just consistent and well done.
Overall: Solid choice.

#1: Rosie’s

To be honest, it wasn’t even close. Their sauce easily puts them at #1. I would drink that stuff. The tenders are the cutlet style, but still juicy and thick, and then they are coated perfectly with just the right amount of sauce. Their blue cheese goes perfectly with this style sauce and to be honest Rosie’s blew every other place out of the water.
Overall: DOMINATING WIN, and to get the full effect, I suggest a #3 with extra blue cheese extra sauce and dip the fries in the sauce.

The Taster

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