The Good and Bad of Social Media

by Olivia McCarthy
Class of 2016

Social MediaSocial media has transformed the lives of teenagers all over the world, opening new doors for students to succeed, but also creating problems with bullying, social skills, and sleep deprivation.
According to Marketing, almost 81% of students in the United States use social media sites. Social media sites are a great way to interact with others, and are great tools to have in this modern age; however, many teens irresponsibly, which can result in cyber bullying.

Prior to the advent of social media, if you were bullied in school, when you went home you were safe. However, in this day and age, due to the immense amount of technological advances you can no longer feel safe, due to cyber bullying, over popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. According to Bullying, almost half of high school students have at one point been a target of cyber bullying, and around 10-20% of students are bullied through electronic devices and social media sites regularly.

There has also recently been a scientific study on blue light, and scientists have linked lower grades, and performance levels, to the amount of time that students are exposed to using electronic devices, in which they are exposed to this blue lights. Many teen’s grades are affected by social media, due to “Blue Light,” which is a light emitted from cell phones, that stimulates the mind. This can cause you to feel alert and awake, even when your brain is telling you to go to sleep.

Not only has social media become something that has been scientifically proven to affect your social skills, memory, and performance levels, it has also become known as an addiction. Teenagers no longer find it a necessity to physically interact with others, and seem to prefer text or phone conversations over face to face conversations, that do not involve electronics.

Even though social media sites and other electronic devices are seen as mainly bad things, they have many important perks as well. Many people who live far from their family members still want to have a special bond, and social media, like Facebook, and even using apps, including FaceTime, can keep close connections between families. Social Media, like anything in the modern age is a great asset to our society. However, if abused, it can lead to problems, like sleep deprivation, lower work ethic, and low performance. Social Media is an important asset in the majority of teen’s lives, especially in American society.