Teacher Profile: Mr. Dahlbeck

by Melissa Blakeslee
BHS News

In the second grade, I used to think that the closets in the classrooms had pullout beds inside and that’s where teachers slept. As I got older I came to realize that teacher actually had lives outside of school. When I got to high school I had a teacher named Mr. Dahlbeck. At first he was very intimidating but then when I got to know him and found out he is not scary at all. I now know that Mr. Dahlbeckis a very helpful and generous man.

Mr. Dahlbeck has known that he wanted to be a teacher since his senior year of high school. When asked about his influences, Mr. Dahlbeck said, “Mr. Berger, who had a big impact on my life, was my Spanish teacher. He never stopped checking in on me even after I had his class.” He realized that being a teacher was what he wanted to do because he saw how much Mr. Berger enjoyed it and the impact he had on his life.

Mr. Dahlbeck got his bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University and his master’s from UMass Boston. Mr. Dahlbeck said, “It took me five and a half years to get my bachelor’s because I worked a lot and it took me over three years to get my master’s.” While getting his bachelor’s, Mr. Dahlbeck was working at The Boston Globe in the Sports Department covering high school sports. He got this job through the co-op program at Northeastern.

“I loved that job because I like writing and sports, and that job paid well,” said Mr. Dahlbeck. This love of writing is the reason he decided to become an English teacher. He added that it is one of the only classes that does not have right and wrong answers, and is based more on class discussions. Myles Lane, a former student of Mr. Dahlbeck, said, “He loves writing. He’s always giving us new essay assignments.”

In 2005, Mr. Dahlbeck interviewed with Mr. Swanton. He did not get any of the four available English jobs, but Mr. Swanton called him back to be the building substitute. He spent most of his first year subbing for Mrs. Ciani, who was out on maternity leave. The next year, when another teacher retired, he got an English job. Four years later, he changed jobs again.

“The end of the 2008 school year the English teacher in Alternatives was retiring and Mr. Hurstak suggested I go talk to Mr. Bochman,” said Mr. Dahlbeck. The next year, he began working in the program. Mr. Tosone, a teacher in the ACES Program, said Mr. Dahlbeck did not make a great first impression.

“[My first impression was] that there’s someone in the school that dresses worse than me,” said Mr. Tosone. “I still enjoy his presence, and I knew his mainstream students liked him very much. He has a great sense of humor, a love for his students, lots of technical skills, and young blood.”

Out of all of the teachers I know, Mr. Dahlbeck is the most likable. He is a very popular man and a great teacher, a feeling backed by Myles Lane, who says, “Mr. Dahlbeck is one of my favorite teachers that I’ve met so far.”

Mr. Dahlbeck loves what he does and enjoys teaching . All thanks to his old Spanish teacher Mr. Berger.

Melissa Blakeslee is a BHS News contributor