Teacher Appreciation Week: Tuesday, May 5

Braintree High News asked the students of BHS who they appreciate and why as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. We will publish some of the responses every day this week. If you would like to submit your own response, either fill out one of the blue forms in front of House One, or click here to complete the form online.

by Lily Tang
Class of 2017

Ms. Rodd’s class for 10A has really helped improve my reading and writing skills. She taught me how to better my analysis and see the novels in a new light. Her class was really challenging, but it was really fun, too, as she provided us with alternative ways to interact with the novels through projects and other creative assignments. Ms. Rodd is seriously one of the best English teachers and I am glad to have her this year.

by Joe Jimenez
Class of 2015

Mr. Coyne is so awesome!

by Sara Landrey
Class of 2018

Ms. Wildes encourages me to be positive about life. She lets me vent to her and helps me succeed.

by Tahj Augustin
Class of 2016

Mr. Selig has taught me a lot of Math skills. He is a good teacher and a funny guy. I really like his teaching method.