Teacher Appreciation Week: NHS

May 4-8 is Teacher Appreciation Week, and what better way to kick it off than with the notes of appreciation from the 88 recently inducted members of the National Honors Society?

Julie Harrington:
Julie would like to thank Mr. Dinh, her high school physics teacher. “Mr. Dinh has helped me get through a year of many challenging classes and turn physics from what seemed to be an impossible class into one that is just as interesting as it is challenging. He always gives us his honest opinion and is always available when we need help. He teaches us lessons beyond just one subject and gives us valuable advice that goes beyond what we learn in the classroom. Thank you, Mr. Dinh

Emma Lynch:
Mrs. Bourget was the most influential teacher I have had in my life thus far. At a young age she gave me an interest in learning and inspired me to work hard at everything I did. She made learning fun and always made my class and me laugh. She gave me excitement to go to school every day and become a better student. Mrs. Bourget has molded me into the person I am today.

Emilija Balandyte:
Emilija would like to thank Mrs. Butler, her middle school French teacher. “Mrs. Butler was the one teacher I really felt a connection with. From daily French class to going on the class trip to Quebec, Mrs. Butler never failed to make us smile while still making sure we were following the rules – which were a bit of a toughie. She pushed me academically and helped me with the awkward middle school times. As I went on to High School the one thing I’ve done every year is compare my teachers to Mrs. Butler – for better or for worse. I’ve remembered every life lesson from her and would definitely not be who I am today without her, Thank you.

Amanda Mei:
Amanda would like to thank Mrs. Sally Spear, her ninth grade Spanish teacher. “Mrs. Spear is my amiable motivator. She instills in me confidence and the drive to succeed in my academic endeavors. She is the light that has guided me through my freshman year, ceaselessly radiating enthusiasm and good humor in every class. She made her class exciting and something to look forward to, being the reason I enjoy learning Spanish. Thank you, Mrs. Spear, for making such a profound influence on my life and teaching such valuable lessons.”

Aaron Tam:
Aaron would like to thank Mr. Dinh, his high school physics teacher. “Mr. Dinh is a person whom I admire and have much respect for. Throughout the year he has pushed me to my limits and helped me along every step of the way. He has provided me with unforgettable knowledge and unforgettable moments. For that, I thank you.

Colleen Ahern:
Colleen would like to thank Mr. Krall, her ninth grade history teacher. Despite the initial unease I felt during my first year of high school, I never felt in over my head in Mr. Krall’s class. I was never simply memorizing history facts for 50 minutes; I always looked forward to going to his class no matter what was being taught. He was always incredibly involved in the lesson and made each day a unique experience with his humor and enthusiasm, rather than giving lectures every day. Thank you, Mr. Krall, for making my first impression of high school such a great and memorable one.

Rosalie Antolini:
Rosalie would like to thank Mr. Wood, her high school chemistry teacher. Mr. Wood is always there when I need help after school and has helped me figure out what career path I would like to go on. When asking questions about chemistry he is always willing to help in whatever way he can and ensures that I completely understand the topic. He encouraged me to challenge myself beyond what I thought I could do and continues to do so. Thank you for always being supportive.

Namita Arunkumar:
Namita would like to thank Mr. Truong Dinh, her high school physics teacher. “Mr. Dinh is the epitome of a great mentor. He has not only taught me how to understand physics, he has taught me how to love it as well. I look forward to going to his class every day because I know that there will never be a dull moment. He has spent countless hours with me when I was struggling after school and during study halls to make sure that I understood the subject matter. Most importantly, Mr. Dinh taught me that learning for learning’s sake is one of the bravest and noblest things a person can do, and that high school is just a small stepping stone into the realities of the outside world. Thank you, Mr. Dinh, for showing me that if something does not work the first time, the only thing to do is to try again. And again. And again.”

John Barry:
Mr. Dinh has become a mentor of mine throughout this year. He has taught me that with effort and hard work success will eventually come. I appreciate how he pushes me to try my best in his class as well as my other classes. I have also learned from Mr. Dinh that there is more than one away to solve a problem, and if one solution does not work out, than to go back and keep trying until I succeed.

Gabija Baltaduonyte:
Gabija would like to thank Mr. Nichols, her current Spanish teacher. “Although I have only known Mr. Nichols for a very short time, he has inspired me greatly to be a better person and to be the best version of myself. Mr. Nichols is not afraid to create a friendly environment while teaching; from pretending to be a General to teach us gerunds, to singing songs to remember demonstrative adjectives. Mr. Nichols does not only teach Spanish in his class; he teaches compassion, kindness, and equality through his personal stories and real life examples. I thank Mr. Nichols for doing all that he does.

Lindsay Blunt:
Mr. Wood was my 10th grade chemistry teacher. He does a good job at keeping class interesting and fun even though the subject is hard. He is very easy to talk to when help is needed and makes stressful decisions seem a lot less intimidating. He makes school fun and exciting even in the dullest times. If it weren’t for his help and encouragement, I would not be here today… So thank you Mr. Wood

Joseph Carrara:
Joe would like to thank Mrs. Mulkerrins, his tenth grade algebra teacher. “Mrs. Mulkerrins was the best math teacher I have ever had. Her jokes would always make me laugh and bring a smile to my face. She pushed me to be the best student and the best person I could ever be. She always challenged me and helped me perform to my fullest potential. Thank you for that Ms Mulkerrins.

Olivia Cheung:
Olivia would like to thank her 10th grade history teacher, Mrs. Rachel Egbert. “Mrs. Egbert epitomizes what it means to be an exemplary teacher. She teaches with an amazing amount of motivation and genuinely cares for the success of each and every one of her students. Her enthusiasm inspired me each and every day and the kind of dedication she puts into her work is truly admirable. Thank you so much for being such a great teacher.”

Owen Coakley:
Owen would like to thank Mr. Pelletier, is history teacher and former tennis coach. “Mr. Pelletier helps push me and everyone else to work as hard as they can and to do everything to the best of our abilities. He makes history class a really fun and enjoyable time and always reassures us that we can do anything if we try hard and want it bad enough. Thank you Mr. Pelletier.”

Katelyn Colantonio:
Mrs. Wallenstein is a teacher that really wants her students to do well and to learn many things in order to be successful in her class and in life. Having her as a teacher made me excited to come to class every day and really want to know about the subject matter of class. Her enthusiasm about what she was teaching and her unique ways of showing us what parts are important in a story motivated me and the students around me to try to do well. She not only taught us about the books that we read she also taught us life lessons that we will use in the future to be a more successful person. After having her as a teacher I feel that I am a better student and person overall.

Kaitlyn Corey:
One teacher that has had a significant impact on my high school career is Mr. Dinh. On the first day of class, he told us that AP Physics would be the hardest course we took in high school. Of course that was intimidating, and I walked out that day feeling like I’d made a mistake. However, he never gave up on us, no matter how many stupid questions were asked (mostly from me), and soon everything clicked. Now I feel like I have a handle on things, and carry that can-do attitude with me through all my other classes. I also enjoy how he talks to his students like we’re actual people, not just teenagers he’s forced to see. He’s always straightforward and seems to care about his students.

Jillian Devine:
Mr. Dinh has been the most influential teacher I have ever had. His class is very difficult, but he always pushes us to challenge ourselves and as a result, and accomplish things that I never would have thought possible. He has shown us that honesty is and always will be the best policy, and that integrity is vital. Thank you Mr. Dinh for teaching me about physics, and for teaching me about life.

Molly Devlin:
Molly would like to thank Mrs. Mulkerrins, her high school math teacher. “Mrs. Mulkerrins is a great teacher who inspired me to always try my best. She pushes me to be a better student and to succeed. Her class is always one to look forward to and is always memorable. She was always there to brighten your day. She is a wonderful teacher that was challenging but brought out best effort. Thank you for always being there and always having a smile on your face.

Emma DiBona:
Emma would like to thank Mrs. Tuffy, her former math teacher.
“Mrs. Tuffy always pushed me to do beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. Her love of teaching made the class enjoyable and made me want to improve my skills and work harder. Mrs. Tuffy influenced my current love for math, but she influenced me outside of the classroom as well.”

Madison Donahoe:
Madison would like to thank Samantha Sherlock, her volleyball coach. “Sam is not only my coach but my guide through high school. She helps me be my best on and off the court and never forgets to remind me that grades come first. She has taught me the ropes upon entering high school, starting with the summer entering into freshman year and still continues to inspire me today.”

Siobhán Donovan:
Siobhán would like to thank Ms. Christine Mulkerrins. “Ms. Mulkerrins’ amazing personality coupled with her great sense of humor, made stepping into her classroom a fun break from the monotonous high school routine. She kept her lessons interesting by adding in a joke here or there, making harder math lessons appear easier. I learned so much in her class and from Ms. Mulkerrins herself, which I will surely remember for years to come. Thank you so much.”

Julia Doyle:
Julia would like to thank Mr. Jamie Wiggin, her high school teacher. “Mr. Wiggin encouraged me to take a public speaking class, which has greatly improved my speaking skill and gave me more confidence in class. He encouraged me to participate in activities that I normally would not have considered, such as mock trial. Thanks to him, I was able to discover new activities that helped to strengthen my skills in and out of school. As my 10th grade history teacher, he always made class interesting; this helped me discover my passion for history. Without him, I would not be nearly as confident while speaking as I am now. Thank you Mr. Wiggin”

Matthew Eleuteri:
Matthew would like to thank Mr. Paul Nellis, his high school mentor. “Mr. Nellis has challenged me both in and out of class. My writing has without a doubt improved. My sophomore year I learned not only what happened in The Scarlet Letter, but how to look at literature with an open mind. He also taught me improv theater, making me a more social and outgoing student. Mr. Nellis has had a big contribution in making me who I am. Without him, a big part of my high school experience would be missing.”

Erin Flannery:
Erin would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Jamie Wiggin, her Sophomore History teacher. “Mr. Wiggin pushed me towards my potential. He challenged me to find the answer when it was not always clear. He shaped me into the student that I want to be. A good teacher is one who puts his or her students before all else. Mr. Wiggin did just that. From staying after school or coming in early to help students in any way possible, from listening to us, giving us a chance to argue and persuade and perhaps even to challenge him, Mr. Wiggin inspires his students to want to grow through knowledge. He promotes a healthy learning environment in which students feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and suggestions, their complaints and arguments, and their passion to explore the world through education. Thanks to Mr. Wiggin, I feel eager to learn and challenge myself inside and outside the walls of Braintree High School. ”

Olvia Flynn:
Mr. Dinh has taught me something that I had never been taught before, that everything truly is up to you. Sure other people say this, but Mr. Dinh made me believe it. Complaining about some English essay, or even the essays to get into National Honor Society, would result in him telling me that I am not forced to do anything, all that matters is what matters to me.

Molly Fontes:
I have enjoyed Mr. Pelletier’s class from the very first day of school. Mr. Pelletier has taught me many things, like how hard work and perseverance can get you to the place you want to be. He has taken genuine interest in all of his student’s successes and pushes us to reach the highest level of our potential. He has always been motivational and supportive of all of our goals and endeavors for his class. He has taught me that I can achieve anything if I put the work in for it. Not to mention, he has always been a reliable source of comedic relief.

John Forbes:
I would like to thank Mr. Dinh, my physics teacher. Mr. Dinh always pushes me and the other students in my class to try our best to do the right thing in and out of the classroom. His straightforward demeanor and approachability makes not just a teacher, but a reliable mentor. Thank you Mr. Dinh.

Gregory Ford:
Greg would like to thank Mr. Jamie Wiggin, his high school history teacher. Mr. Wiggin is my worst enemy, and I could not thank him enough for it. He always pushed me to a standard higher than I had set for myself. With this kind of encouragement, you realize that there isn’t anything that you can’t do if you set your mind to it. Mr. Wiggin is a teacher that could make you care about your least favorite subject because of how he went about his class, he incorporated current issues while staying true to the material, meanwhile sending the message that as young adults, we are currently in the process of forming who we are going to be for the rest of our lives and he influences us positively.

Matthew Gaffney:
Matt would like to thank Mr.Dinh. Mr.Dinh has helped me a lot through junior year putting a focus on learning as well as life lessons. Physics class has pushed me harder than any other class in high school so far. We have learned to think through problems while having fun at the same time. I look forward to physics every day and I cannot thank Mr.Dinh enough.

Gloria Han:
Gloria would like to thank Mrs. Spear, her former 9th grade Spanish teacher. “Mrs. Spear was one of the more memorable teachers I had. During 9th grade, I struggled because it was hard to get used to high school, which I found was completely different and much more difficult than middle school. However, Mrs. Spear was always cheerful and helpful, which made my 9th grade experience a lot easier and more enjoyable. She is one of the reasons that Spanish is one of my favorite subjects, and I thank her for all that she has done for me.”

Sharon He:
Dr. Germain inspired me. She taught me to love chemistry and to explore the world around me on the most basic level. She is a wonderful teacher who makes her subject memorable, and who teaches seriously, but she always humors us, her students, and always has a positive attitude that serves to make everyone want to learn. She helped me survive my first AP class by pushing me to do my best but also by reassuring me that, at the end of the day, it is whether I am happy with myself that truly matters. Thank you, Dr. Germain, for being a great and supportive teacher. Thank you for teaching me about not only chemistry, but about myself and what is important, both in and out of school.

Brianna Herlihy:
Mr. Tibbetts has always been a magnificent teacher to me. Although I only had him as my teacher for half a term, it was the best class I was ever a part of. He was always helping me discover my greatest potential by allowing me to make mistakes and helping me correct them. Not only has he taught me how to make mistakes but he also taught me to be proud of my work. I had always thought that my art was childish or bad but Mr. Tibbetts always found a way to make me feel good about it and for that I can’t thank him enough.

Julia Hynes:
I would like to thank Ms. Wiggin, who has been my teacher and coach. She has taught me to have a greater appreciation for literature. She always encourages me to do the best work I can do, in the classroom and in cross country. She has motivated me to set goals for myself, and helped me achieve these goals. Thank you.

Hannah Ilagan:
Hannah would like to personally acknowledge and thank Ms. Rachel Egbert for her continuous support during her past two years in Braintree High. Ms. Egbert is a caring, kind, and very motivating teacher that has helped me appreciate history more than I ever have before. Not only is she a teacher but she is a person that I can easily go to if I need a helping hand or a set of inspiring words to get me through the day. Thank you again for all you have done and I wouldn’t be the confident student I am without you.

Kiera Irwin:
Kiera would like to thank Mrs. Gina Achin, her eighth grade science teacher. “Mrs. Achin always pushed me to expand my thinking to get to the answers myself. She held me to high expectations and taught me to love science. She offered enthusiasm and encouragement in the year before the transition into high school. Without you, Mrs. Achin, I would not have such an interest in learning exciting new things. Thank you.”

XuYan Jiang:
Yan would like to thank Mr. Haupert, her 10th grade social studies teacher, “Mr. Haupert’s intriguing Modern World History lessons was not only an enjoyment to listen to, but they also brought out my interest for other subjects of social studies. He helped me to discover my strengths and weaknesses and prepared me for more challenging courses in my junior year. Without you, Mr. Haupert, I would not be on Mr. Pelletier’s ‘Hit them with a brick award” board this year… But seriously, you helped me to discover my confidence and my interest for history, and Thank you Mr. Haupert, you are awesome.”

Lauren Kaye:
Lauren would like to thank her third grade teacher, Ms. Bourget. When my childhood friend’s sister unexpectedly passed away, Ms. Bourget, out of the kindness of her heart, threw a Christmas party for her and her friends, including myself, to bring some happiness back into her life. This summer, I experienced the death of my little brother, Josh, when he was only in the third grade. I now understand and immensely appreciate the amazing amount of kindness Ms. Bourget showed inside and outside of the classroom during that difficult time for my friend. She taught me the importance of compassion and generosity. I truly believe Ms. Bourget has made me a better and more understanding human being. She is an absolute sweetheart and a ray of sunshine in all her students’ lives.

Mark Kiley:
Mark would like to thank Mrs. Ward, his current Spanish teacher. “Mrs. Ward is an inspiring teacher who works to make the material we are learning more accessible. She is extremely patient and is always available for extra help. She has made a very challenging subject enjoyable for my classmates and me. While it is difficult, I genuinely enjoy coming to Spanish class because of your patience and positive attitude, thank you.

Grace Larkin:
Grace would like to thank Mr. Pelletier, her U.S. History teacher. “Mr. Pelletier is a dedicated teacher who has bestowed on his students a greater understanding of U.S. History that we will carry with us for a lifetime. He is encouraging, gets all students involved, and adds a lot of humor to class. The confidence he expresses in his students is gratifying, and I believe I am a better student because of his teaching, and motivation. I look forward to the rest of the year I have to learn from Mr. Pelletier, and thank him for the knowledge I have gained.

Anthony Lau:
Anthony would like to thank Mr. Brian Selig, his high school math teacher. “Mr. Selig is my outgoing guide. He encourages me to think outside the box and approach challenges with confidence. He is the reason why I am able to achieve academic success in high school, providing valuable tips to succeed. He is always there, being an entertaining instructor who knows how to push students to achieve academic excellence. Without you, Mr. Selig, I would not be the same person I am today, thank you for all your hard work.”

Jasmine Lau:
Jasmine would like to thank Mr. Pelletier. “Mr. Pelletier motivates me to be a better student. His constant words of encouragement and reassurance inspire me to persevere in my studies. He provides comic relief during each school day, and goes out of his way to be the best teacher he can be. Mr. Pelletier has helped me get through junior year, and for that I am grateful.”

Erin Leonard:
Erin would like to thank Mr. Dinh, her high school physics teacher. “Mr. Dinh has taught me more than physics. He has taught me to try my hardest, despite the difficulty of the situation. Mr. Dinh encourages me to challenge myself each and every day, making me a better student and person. I cannot thank him enough for all that he has taught me inside and out of the classroom.

Caroline Litra:
Caroline would like to thank Mr. Truong Dinh, her high school mentor. “Mr. Dinh is an understanding man, because he has the patience to help me comprehend the complex ideas of physics. He makes me realize the potential I hold and has offered me advice along my high school journey. Mr. Dinh also offers valuable life lessons which I will always remember and learn from. I will treasure all the moments of laughter from his class as it was those moments in class that were the most exciting and engaging. I thank you, Mr. Dinh for helping me through class and in turn making me a smarter and better person”.

Melissa Madigan:
Melissa would like to thank Mr. John Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan was my personal tutor for about five years. He helped me make the strides from a below average student to the student I am proud to be today. When he first started tutoring me I only did it because my parents forced me and I always wanted the candy he would give me at the end of the session. However, looking back now, I know I really needed his help and I will always be grateful to him for all that he has taught me. To this day I find myself using the lessons he taught me. Mr. Sullivan has been a huge part of my success in high school, and for that I want to honor and thank him.

Isabella Mansfield:
Over these past two years, Mrs. Ward has taught me a tremendous amount of things, about both Spanish and life in general. As a freshman, I would have never imagined ever loving Spanish as much as I do now. She turned what used to be my worst class into not only my best, but favorite subject of my sophomore year. Now, having her again as a junior, I feel motivated to try even harder and to push myself past any obstacles that I may face. She serves as a great role model, always encouraging her students to be punctual and kind. She inspires me to always do what I love, and to do it well. She is truly an admirable person and I feel grateful for being able to learn from her every day. Mrs. Ward has taught me many life skills I will carry with me forever, and I cannot thank her enough for influencing me in such a positive and beneficial way.

Kelly Martin:
Kelly would like to thank Mr. Jefferies, her high school AP Literature teacher, “Mr. Jefferies is an inspiring teacher, who constantly pushes me to be a better student every day. He has such passion for what he does, and it is truly inspiring to have a teacher full heartedly love what they are doing. He brings joy to the classroom and spreads his passion through everything we do; He never fails to enlighten me each and every class, and he has taught me a whole new appreciation for literature. Thanks to Mr. Jefferies, I am a more intelligent reader, writer, and student all around. Someday I hope to be as passionate about my job as he is.”

Christopher McCarthy:
Mr. Pelletier is an exceptional teacher and coach. Every day he pushes me to work my hardest and be a more insightful student. His comical outlook can improve an otherwise dreary day. His effort and enthusiasm pushes me to work very hard and has had a great influence on my junior year.

Neil McCarthy:
Neil would like to thank Mr. Wiggin. “Mr. Wiggin’s class was the most exciting part of any day in sophomore year. Often getting off topic to discuss world issues, historical anecdotes, and personal experiences, Mr. Wiggin didn’t just lecture us; he brought us into the lesson. His passionate, theatrical teaching style captivated me and made me actually care about history. He always treated us like adults, and for better or worse, I respected that. His views on life and philosophy helped shape the way that I see the world today. Many of my fondest memories of high school have come out of his classroom.”

William McCarthy:
I would like to thank my photography teacher Mr. Tibbetts. He not only taught me things about photography, but he also taught me things about the world and how it works. Because of him I feel that I will come out of high school as a better person and more prepared for the real world.

Brian McDermott:
Ms. Egbert was an influential teacher for me. She always made her class hands-on and memorable. She was always in a good, positive mood and she was always willing to help me or any other students in my class. Whether it was in-class debates, watching movies and shows, or pretending to negotiate an international treaty, Ms. Egbert always found ways to make learning history engaging and enjoyable. Thanks Ms. Egbert.

Brianna McDonough:
Brianna McDonough would like to thank Mr. Sturtevant, her eighth grade math teacher. “Mr. Sturtevant instilled in me an even greater love of math. His class was both engaging and informative. He encouraged me to work hard, and challenged me to solve harder problems which developed my higher level critical thinking skills. He gave me confidence to solve problems I previously thought impossible. Without Mr. Sturtevant, I would not be where I am today. He saw potential in me that I didn’t even see in myself. Thank you Mr. T!”

Paige McGhee:
Paige would like to thank Mr. Cooper, for being a positive influence in her high school career. “Mr. Cooper motivated me to excel in both the classroom and the soccer field. His positive attitude and belief in me helped me succeed in the subject I struggle the most with, math. His coaching also helped me install confidence in myself and become a leader for other people on my team. He always offered me helpful advice and has created a memorable high school experience for me. I am thankful for Mr. Cooper’s positivity and guidance.

Kelsey McGonagle:
Kelsey would like to thank Ms. Egbert, her high school social studies teacher. “Ms. Egbert has caused me to change my opinion on a subject I was never really interested in, and has also taught me important tactics to tackle any school subject. History has always been a tough subject for me to learn because it is mostly memorization of seemingly unimportant events, but Ms. Egbert made the class much more enjoyable and in turn easier to learn. She showed me that there is more than one way to study and learn information, which has tremendously aided me in all of my other high school classes, and allowed me to excel in them. I am forever grateful towards Ms. Egbert for the important school tactics she has taught me”

Ellen McNiff:
Ellen would like to thank Mr. Dinh, her physics teacher. “Mr. Dinh taught me that it is better to truly learn something and be challenged than to get a good grade. He took an extremely challenging topic and made it fun and interesting. Aside from being a great physics teacher, Mr. Dinh is also constantly teaching us life lessons and I can always count on him for his honest opinion of something. Being in his class this year has heightened my interest in science and math.”

Errica Moran:
I would like to thank Ms. Hallenbeck for all that she has done for me. She is the only teacher who I have had consistently throughout my high school career, and I fell that she has taught me so much. Transforming from a freshman to a junior and soon a senior, she has taken me out of my shy shell and has taught me, both physically and figuratively, to sing out. Over the years she has also placed a lot of faith and trust in my hands, in which I help her prepare for the choirs with choreography, and has even mentioned that senior year she will be dependent upon me, and looking to me for leadership. Something she has already started with me as a junior. There is no greater compliment, than having someone consider you to hold their trust. She continues to support me through my performing endeavors, and pushes me to the best of my ability. For that I would like to say, thank you.

Sarah Murphy:
I would like to thank Mrs. Tomassian for being a mentor in both swimming and life. I have learned a lot about myself and what direction I want to head in life through her coaching and help. I can always find a friend in her when I need it. She pushes me to be the best I can in both the pool and everyday life. I would not be the same without her.

John Newton:
Jack would like to thank Mr. Rusty Miller, his youth and high school lacrosse coach. “Rusty is my role model. He has taught me the value of working with other people and to be unselfish with everything I do. From 3rd grade up to this day, Mr. Miller has pushed me to be the best student, teammate, and friend that I can possibly be. I can always count on Mr. Miller to help me reach my goals and better myself. For that, thank you, Mr. Miller, for shaping me to be the person I am today

Lina Nguyen:
Lina would like to thank Larry Cheung, who is not only her SAT tutor but also her mentor. “In the beginning Larry was just my SAT tutor, who I thought I would forget about after high school, but he became my friend and inspiration. He pushes me to be my best and even when I think I’m the best I can be there’s always room to get even better. He has inspired me to pursue the path of entrepreneurship and encouraged me to work beyond hard in order to achieve my goals. He is always there and willing to help me when I need it. Without you Larry, I wouldn’t have been able to realize my potential and find the path I am on today, thank you.”

Caitlin Norton:
Caitlin would like to thank Ms. Ward for being a positive and encouraging teacher in her high school career. “Ms. Ward has been an excellent role model in my education over the past two years; with her motivation, I pushed personal boundaries and became a student I did not know I could be. Her sarcastic wit makes Spanish enjoyable and each day I look forward to her class. I am extremely thankful to have Ms. Ward as not only a teacher, but a mentor during my high school years.”

Haley Norton:
Haley would like to thank Ms. Fox for being a positive role model in her high school career. “Ms. Fox introduced a positive learning environment that helped me flourish in my studies. She has helped me push myself to break boundaries and better myself as a student and a person. Her teaching style brought light into my day and she always offered helpful advice and guidance. Even though she has only been my teacher for a short time, she still has impacted me and helped me become a more patient and tolerant student. Thank you Ms. Fox for having such a positive impact on my life and for being a great teacher to look up to.”

Benjamin Novo:
In a class that is dreaded by most students in the world, Ms. Mulkerins made math class a time of day that I looked forward to. While learning and understanding the subject better than I ever had, she made every day interesting with her jokes, classic sayings, and loud outbursts to really get the concept across, not to mention making fun of my older brother every once in a while. Thank you, Ms. Mulkerins for giving me more confidence than any other teacher

Caroline O’Brien:
Caroline would like to thank Ms. Ward, her high school Spanish teacher. “Ms. Ward has not only taught me Spanish, but life lessons throughout her class. She pushes me to challenge myself and be a better student. I really look forward to her class the most out of any other classes throughout the day. Ms. Ward’s comical remarks and happy attitude take away from the stress of her class. I have been lucky to have her as a teacher. Without Ms. Ward, I would not be the student I am today, thank you.”

Stephanie O’Brien:
My middle school French teacher, Mrs. Kramer, was my inspiration to work hard in school. She was always there for extra help and motivated me to become the best student that I could be. Everything that she has taught me helped me feel prepared for my trip to France that I took in my sophomore year.

William Olson:
Billy would like to thank Dr. Ribisi, his high school mentor. Dr. Ribisi has motivated me and expanded my horizons in a way that no teacher ever has. Going into tenth grade I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. This all changed after my experience in Dr. Ribisi’s class. He sparked my interest in the field of science and specifically chemistry. He is the reason that I now know what I want to do in the future, which is to major in chemical engineering. Without the help of Dr. Ribisi I may never have truly figured out what I wanted to do in the future and for this, I thank him.
Abdul Padela:
The teacher or instructor who changed me was Mr. Casey. He was a great teacher, teaching his class geography in a fun manner. Learning never felt like a chore in his class, and from him I received my love of history. He also brought me out of my shell. Before his class I was very shy, but the he began to talking with me and I began to open up, not only to him, but to others as well. Thank you Mr. Casey.
Vivi Pham:
Vivi would like to thank Ms. Jun Yang, her homeroom teacher and former Geometry teacher. “Ms. Yang has always been a constant throughout my high school career. She has never failed to give me the support I needed whenever I was stuck in a rut. If I needed to let out my frustrations, she would always be there to listen. Even when I didn’t have the motivation to continue forward, her encouragements gave me the strength to take one more step. Without Ms. Yang, I don’t think I would have survived high school thus far. Thank you for all the motivational lectures and life encouragements.”

Nella Potenza:
Nella would like to thank Mr. Pelletier, her high school mentor. “Mr. Pelletier is one of the funniest teachers I have ever had. He can make subjects that seem boring into something interesting by just making jokes about it. He is very encouraging and supportive and will help whenever I ask. He is always very welcoming and makes me believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. Thank you Mr. Pelletier!

Thomas Redington:
I would like to thank Mr.Dinh for all his help during junior year of high school. His teaching has not only helped me in the class room, but he has furthered my knowledge about important aspects of life and more importantly, he has taught me how to push myself and be the best I can be. Mr.Dinh’s teaching has aided me in succeeding through junior year and he is a reliable person that I can always count on, which is why I would like to thank Mr.Dinh.

Anthony Rogers:
Anthony would like to thank Mr. Dinh for being the most influential teacher. “First day of physics Mr. Dinh told us that we would be challenged and he was correct. But he taught me how to think, which is something I had not been able to do properly until I had him as a teacher. I would like to thank Mr. Dinh for helping me develop a passion for mathematics and physics by challenging me each and every day. His teachings help me to excel in not only physics, but in all my other classes as well.”

Brian Sidor:
I would like to thank Mr. Dinh, my physics teacher. Mr. Dinh has only been my teacher for half of a year, but he is teaching me lessons which I will not forget. He has taught me to look at problems and life in different ways, which is hard to find anywhere else in the school. I am thankful for what Mr. Dinh has taught me and for all of the advice that he has given.

Hannah Stewart:
Hannah would like to thank Mr. Dinh, her physics teacher. “Mr. Dinh inspired me to challenge myself because he stressed that what you learn from a class is more important than the grade you receive. He changed my initially negative opinion towards physics and made it into a subject that I am interested in pursuing. He is not only a great physics teacher, but he also teaches lessons that are applicable to life outside of school and is someone that I can go to for advice because he will always give his honest opinion.”

Darian Stypulkowski:
I would like to thank Mr. Dinh for being a teacher who has changed my view on school and life. Through him I have learned and gained important life qualities including but not limited to character, perseverance and honesty. He is an extraordinary teacher and brings his knowledge and comedic relief to stressed students like myself. I would like to once again thank Mr. Dinh for being a teacher who helped me through my junior year.

Jiaxi Su:
I would like to thank Mr. Dinh for being an awesome teacher, as he is not only great at teaching the concepts of physics, but he is also great at understanding his students. There is no doubt that Mr. Dinh has made my high school career marginally less stressful and far simpler, which has been especially significant to me in Junior Year. And for that, Mr. Dinh, I’d like to thank you.

Zoe Tai:
Zoe would like to thank Mrs. Nicole Kramer, her middle school foreign language teacher. “Mme Kramer has always been a guiding figure in my career as a student. She was the one who first introduced me to the French language, and to this day French has remained in my curriculum due to her influence. Her passion and energy for teaching has helped inspire me to continue learning new things and to keep advancing academically. She has taught me to put forth my best effort in all things that I do, and I would not have become who I am today without her. Merci beaucoup Madame!”

Casey Tan:
Casey would like to thank Mr. Dinh, her high school mentor. “Mr. Dinh is one of my favorite teachers that I have had throughout my high school experience. He has challenged me to think outside the box and overall helped me grow as a person. He pushes me to be my best and has prepared me for my life after high school. Thank you for believing in me and I appreciate all that you have done.”

Carmen Tang:
To me Ms. Smith is not only my mentor, coach but also someone who I can sit down and have a conversation with. She’s only been my tennis coach for one season, but that one season would not be the same without her. She makes everything fun and enjoyable. She is like the cheerleader to our team. She has given me all the advice in the world to be a better tennis player and as a better person. She motivates me to work harder to reach my goals. Tennis is a game where it is all about the mind. If I lose a point or missed a shot, she’s always there to talk to me and tell me that I can do it. She believes in me and the things that I can do. Without her support I wouldn’t have won those matches that I’ve played or even make it this far.

Jessie Tenaglia:
Mr. Blake has pushed me to excel in what I thought to be one of my greatest academic deficits, math. I had struggled in math since freshman year geometry and began dreading the class; however, Mr. Blake changed this for me. He provided the confidence I needed to do well in a subject I was beginning to resent. More importantly he taught me that no matter how hard something may seem, if one works hard enough nothings impossible. By Mr. Blake fostering a belief in me that I could excel in math, he taught me a lesson that through hard work and determination I can succeed. I am sincerely grateful to Mr. Blake and I will always remember that important life lesson.
Jessica Tran:
Jessica would like to thank Mr. Wiggin, her 10th grade history and 11th grade public speaking teacher. “Mr. Wiggin’s enthusiasm for teaching, personal stories, and ridiculous ideas have greatly influenced me. He has gone on record saying that he will ‘steal, lie, cheat, and deceive’ in order to get us where we need to go, and he’s done all of the above. He is only teacher who encouraged me to go back to childhood’s mindset of infinite possibilities, no matter how impossible it may seem. While his ideas may be outlandish at times, Mr. Wiggin helped me be who I am today, so thank you.”

Michelle Van:
Michelle would like to thank Mr. Michael Pelletier, her history teacher. His passion for teaching and holding us to high expectations encourages us to be better students. He always reassures students of their greatness and has helped me to build confidence in my abilities and work. His jokes are hilarious and history would not be the same without him.

Victoria Verbitzki:
Victoria would like to thank Mrs. Rollo, her seventh and eleventh grade English teacher. Mrs. Rollo was one of the best teachers. She would challenge her students in an effort to teach them new things and prepare them for their future. She was always very helpful and constantly made learning new things enjoyable. It was a great experience to have Mrs. Rollo twice and I learned so much during those two years with her. Thank you for everything.

Donovan Walls:
I, Donovan Walls, would like to thank Mr. Steve Trocki for his role as a school mentor. He has proven himself consistently as both a teacher and a friend. He has supported me through both rough and good times. He is truly a kind and caring man. With my dear friend Mr. Trocki, I would never have made it through high school as successfully as I already have. I owe him an incalculable number of thank yous.

Joseph Walsh:
Joseph would like to thank Mr. Dahlbeck, his high school mentor. “Mr. Dahlbeck has been a source of motivation and inspiration during my time at Braintree High. His leadership and generosity have enabled me to achieve feats far beyond my expectations. He has been the driving force behind Braintree High News since its conception, and my involvement in that organization has allowed me to develop my passion for writing, and has been the most rewarding part of my high school experience.

Christopher Warner:
I would like to thank Mr. Dinh. Mr. Dinh has helped me by teaching me to think through problems by myself. Physics is my favorite class this year and I look forward to going to class every day. Mr. Dinh has helped me exceed in physics class.

Serena Wong:
Serena would like to thank Mr. Kelly, her fourth grade teacher. “When I was in the fourth grade, Mr. Kelly was the first one to see a further potential in me. He pushed me to expand myself academically, and it was a push that’s carried me throughout the majority of my high school career. During my time in that class, I learned a lot of lessons that I still reference today: how to properly format certain things, how to think outside of the box, and to never, ever, ever use a pen while doing science. Most of these lessons made me who I am today, and I wouldn’t have learned them without you, Mr. Kelly, so thank you. (As a matter of fact, I still do science work in pencil.)”

Austin Yeung:
In my life, there has been one man who has stood out amongst the crowd as someone whom I really respect and look up to. This man is none other than Chip Mitchell. Chip is more than just my track coach. I have known him for years prior to that and what I have seen in him is a mentor and a friend. I know that he will always be there for me no matter what and is someone that I can trust and go to for anything. He believes in me when I do not and inspires me to live my life to the fullest potential possible.

Lin Yuan:
Ms. Wood has been the one person that has helped me the most throughout my high school career and someone who I have known since my first steps into BHS. She has pushed me to become not only better at math, but a better person with her life tips on how to see the bigger picture and how to de-stress and perform well when it matters most. Ms. Wood is also a really dedicated and understanding teacher who spends countless hours coaching our math team and staying after for long times when I need extra help. Junior year has not been a smooth road, and I am grateful to have her as my Calculus teacher this year. I also want to thank Ms. Wood for writing me a bazillion recommendations and always giving off a positive attitude that inspires all her students to do more.

Vicky Zhao:
Vicky would like to thank Larry Cheung, her SAT tutor and her trustworthy mentor. “Larry is more than just a tutor who taught me helpful test taking strategies, but he also gave me helpful advices on life. Larry pushes me to the best where I will not stop to strive for higher achievements. His outgoing and enthusiastic personality motivates me to work hard, be dedicated, and be prepared in order to have a successful future. Without the encouragement from Larry, I will not be as hard working as I am today, thank you.”

Zhiying Zhu (Christina)
Christina would like to thank Ms. Bagnell, her high school mentor. To any transferred student, she comforts her students who are feared of living in an unfamiliar environment; she relieves the stress of those who frustrated with the difficulty of communicating in this country; and she becomes the friend of those who sometimes feel lonely in the school. Her patience of teaching me English and solving any of my questions at school exchanges my opportunity of applying the National Honor Society today. Although I quit the ESL program last year, Ms. Bagnell always cares about my condition at school with her friendly smile and willingly offers help to me. Thank you Ms. Bagnell, you are always in my heart. The knowledge you taught me will become the stairs leading me to the greater success.