Teacher Appreciation Week: Friday, May 8

Braintree High News asked the students of BHS who they appreciate and why as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. We will publish some of the responses every day this week. If you would like to submit your own response, either fill out one of the blue forms in front of House One, or click here to complete the form online.

by Kristina Keymont
Class of 2015

Thanks, Mr. Coyne, for the tough love you show students, helping them achieve their goals. I don’t know what we’d do without you!

by Lily Tang
Class of 2017

Thank you Mr. Samuels for answering all of my questions in class (there was a lot, I know). I really like our class discussions and it really helped improve my analysis. Also, learning about World History was really interesting, especially pre and post WWII.

by Hannah Bailey
Class of 2016
I adore Ms. Wildes because she’s sweet, caring and understanding. To add, I relate to her more because she and I like the same things and hobbies.

by Sandra Huynh
Class of 2018

All of my teachers have helped me through a rough year. They put up with a lot from their students.