Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Radigan

by Nate Bruce
BHS News

The teacher I appreciate the most is Ms. Radigan in the Tutoring Program. Also there was Barbara, Cheryl and Frank. My freshman year I was failing every class because I was never in school. I was put into the tutoring program about halfway through the year and I wish I was in there sooner. Ms. Radigan helped me with a lot of my work and really changed my freshman experience, instead of coming in and hating school, I somewhat enjoyed it.

Eventually I fell into the same pit of failure but she never gave up on me. I’ve had teachers give up on me that if they kept pushing me I would have snapped out of it. She was the only teacher that has ever continually had faith in me which lead to me being able to pass the year. In the tutoring program there was little to no distraction on a daily basis so it helped me concentrate on my work. Since there weren’t many kids in the room at once it was easier to get help and I often had someone right by my side to help. Another good thing about the program was the teachers took the time get to know the students, by the end of the year it felt less like school and more like a place to relax and do work.

The program may sound a bit easy but they were strict on attendance, I remember multiple times having a police officer outside my house that was going to bring me to school. The first time it made me angry but I realized it was for the best and was only going to benefit me. It was the only negative experience I had in the program but it was indeed a terrible one. After this happened it inspired me to come in a lot more than usually, I went in for two months after that without even being late. I know for an average kid this is typical but I’ve always got into moods where I don’t care about school. She was able to help me overcome this bad mood. Overall Ms. Radigan has been the most helpful teacher and I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Nate Bruce is a sophomore at BHS