Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Castro

by Joe Freire
BHS News

The teacher I appreciate the most is my fifth grade teacher Ms. Castro. There are many reasons why, but I mainly appreciate her because, despite all of my nonsense, she never gave up on me.

She made me realize that at some point in life you need to move on from being childish and she prepared me to do that. I remember like it was yesterday. She didn’t want to give me a popsicle, so I threw a chair at the window. She kicked me out and made me learn my lesson, but I didn’t because I was so immature back then. Now I understand what she was doing.

If I had the chance to see her now, I think she would be proud of me and I would apologize for all of the things I did in her class. She was more than a teacher to me. She was a mentor and friend.

Joe Freire is a junior at BHS