Teacher Appreciation: Graduation Edition

by Melissa Blakeslee
BHS News

I appreciate Mr. Tosone, Mr. Dahlbeck, Ms. Mills, Mr. Jameson, Mr. Crook, and Mr. Delery. All of these teachers helped me out so much and I can’t thank them enough.

Mr. T mentored me when I was in ACES. Mr. Dahlbeck taught me to love writing. Ms. Mills showed me that I can do anything with my life. Mr. Jameson made me love going to his class. Mr Crook was tough on me even when I was going through hard times. And Mr. Delery is the reason I am making it to graduation.

Mr. Tosone

Mr. Tosone

All of these teachers mean so much to mean and I’ll never forget them.

Melissa Blakeslee is a senior at BHS