Teacher Appreciation: Alternatives Teachers

by Cody L’heureux
BHS News

I appreciate a lot of my teachers, while, in all honesty, at the same time I have no appreciation for a lot of my old teachers. School was never something that came easy to me like a lot of the other kids. For this reason it caused me a lot of trouble with my teachers. It took me a lot more to really grasp concepts than the other kids. Teachers never took the extra time to really help me learn new concepts; this could greatly be contributed to my bad history of grades and behavior.
Ever since I entered Alternatives I appreciate every last teacher I have and have since the first day of them just allowing me to join their great program. The teachers I have now never judged me on prior incidents or grades . All of my teachers have just adjusted the way of teaching me to a method that best benefits me in many different ways. For this I have a whole new level of appreciation toward my teachers.

Without a college education in the world today it’s very challenging to live the American dream everyone strives for: wealth, happiness, and success. This is almost impossible without graduating high school, which for me was way too close to becoming reality. If it weren’t for the teachers in the Braintree High School Alternative Program I would not be in school today, and receiving my diploma next year. For this reason I not only have a different type of appreciation toward them but a whole different type of respect. In a way one could take it as far to say the teachers here have saved my life. I hope every last one of my teachers I have now really get the sense of appreciation and thankfulness I have for them.

Cody L’heureux ’15 joined the Alternatives Program this year