Superintendent Murray Announces Retirement

by Joseph Walsh
Class of 2016

Superintendent of the Braintree Public School System Dr. Maureen Murray announced Monday during a School Committee meeting that she will retire at the end of this school year.

“It is with very mixed feelings that I tell you that it is my intention to retire at the end of the end of this school year,” said Murray. “I am sharing this news with you now because I want to give Braintree every advantage in finding the leader that this community deserves.”

Murray, who replaced Dr. Peter Kurzberg as superintendent at the beginning of last year, has led the Braintree school system through several milestones such as the opening of the Monatiquot Kindergarten Center, and vast innovations in the school’s technology systems.

“After forty years of a very satisfying and rewarding career in education it’s time for me to step down and prepare the way for a long term superintendent who will continue to move the system forward” added Murray. “I have enjoyed every moment of my eight years here in Braintree and have truly appreciated the support and commitment of Mayor Sullivan, the Braintree Town Council, and the present and previous School Committees who have given so generously of their time and energy to create wonderful learning opportunities for Braintree’s students.” Murray also commended the staff of Braintree Schools as well as the parents and students of each school. “I know that because of the contributions of each of these groups, Braintree will continue its record of excellence.”

Murray’s announcement was met with mixed feelings from Committee members and Mayor Sullivan, who appreciate the outstanding work she has done over the past two years.

“[Superintendent Murray] took on every issue in a meaningful way, a productive way, and in an aggressive way that was positive for the schoolchildren of our system as well as the community at large,” said Mayor Joseph Sullivan. “In terms of an educational tool, this past two years has been a quality achievement.”

Murray will remain the Superintendent until July 1st, in that time the School Committee will begin searching for her replacement. “I intend to give my all for the remainder of the year until Braintree Schools is safely in the hands of someone who recognizes its special qualities and possesses the skills and character to keep this exceptional school system moving forward.”

Joseph Walsh is an editor-in-chief of Braintree High News. He also serves as a student representative on The Braintree Public Schools School Committee.