Students Try to Qualify for College Courses

by Elizabeth Jarrins, Emma Marino (2016) and Anthony C. Green
Class of 2015


Students from the Alternatives Program took the Accuplacer test at Massasoit Community College last week to see whether or not they are eligible for the Dual Enrollment Program to achieve college credits while still in high school.

“The Accuplacer test is one way to gauge how prepared a student is for college,” said Mr. Dahlbeck, a teacher in the Alternatives Program. “We have had tremendous success getting students qualified for Dual Enrollment, which, in my opinion, has drastically changed the Alternatives Program.”

Students prepared for the test through review sessions in English, with Mr. Dahlbeck, and Math with Mr. Tosone.

After the final study session, Mr. Tosone said he believes it went “pretty good, I hope. I’m optimistic.”

The test, which is used to place college freshmen in appropriate courses in English and Math, can be challenging for many students. Several of the students take at least one section more than once in order to qualify.

“I was nervous, because if I failed that test I would feel like I’m not ready for college” said Pedro Torres, a student from the Alternatives Program who took the test. “The essay writing, in particular was the most difficult part for me because English isn’t my first language. But it’s meant to challenge all high school students to see where they would be placed in a college level whether you qualify for college or not.”

Massasoit Community College offers two programs: the Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Program and the Massasoit Dual Enrollment Program. The courses students enroll in must qualify under the MassTransfer Block or be part of required curriculum under the MassTransfer approved Associate Degree Programs.

There are currently seven BHS students involved in Dual Enrollment. One of them, junior Ryan Piccuito, said, “It gives me more high school and college credits and it also makes me more work focused.”