Senior Week: Christian Osborne

Interview by Melissa Blakeslee
BHS News

As the seniors enter their final days, we will conduct interviews with members of the Class of 2014 about their time at BHS.

Christian Osborne is unsure of his plans for after high school, but wants to pursue a career in music.

What one piece of advice would you give a freshman entering BHS?
Don’t go to the fourth floor pool.

What teacher or teachers taught you the most at BHS?
Mr. Dahlbeck, Mr. Coyne, and Mr. Crook. And Mr. Driscoll, even though he was tough on me.

What is one memory of BHS that you think you’ll always have?

Field trips to Castle Island playing football and wiffleball.

What was the hardest class you took at BHS?

Math. All four years.

How has BHS changed during your time here?

There is a new principal.

Do you think BHS is a good school? Why or why not?

Yes, because it is a very progressive school. They understand what is going on. And the Alternative School has very high and reasonable expectations.