Senior Week: Alex Julian

Interview by Andrew Lynch
BHS News

As the seniors enter their final eight days, we will conduct interviews with members of the Class of 2014 about their time at BHS.

Alex Julian plans to attend Massasoit Community College for Computer Information Systems

What one piece of advice would you give a freshman entering BHS?
I’d say to have good attendance and don’t mess around because you will regret it later when you have to makeup credits during your senior year.

What teacher or teachers taught you the most at BHS?
Mr. Coyne because he sat down and helped me a lot with Math, which I could not do. He did example problems with me so I understood the material better.

What is one memory of BHS that you think you’ll always have?

(Hesitates and thinks) Probably one of the field trips. The bowling tournament (with ACES, Archer and Alternatives). It was a great bonding experience. And I won.

What was the hardest class you took at BHS?

English Comp I (through the Massasoit Dual Enrollment Program) because writing is not my strength.

How has BHS changed during your time here?

It hasn’t changed that much. The principal changed. The rules have gotten stricter because of all of the kids drinking. They have put more limits on stuff, like senior skip day.

Do you think BHS is a good school? Why or why not?

Yes, because of all of the programs it has to offer for students. It helps a lot of kids that wouldn’t otherwise come to school. A lot of people that wouldn’t have passed high school, like me, now can because of the programs that most schools don’t offer.

What was the best class you took?
Mr.Dahlbeck’s English class.

Do you regret joining a program?
Nope, because it helped me graduate.