Science Fair 2014 (Updated to Include Full Results)

Joe Walsh
BHS News

For many BHS students, Thursday was the culmination of months of research, and experimentation.

The annual Science Fair took place in the Media Center Thursday evening. Sophomore Advanced Honors Chemistry students gave presentations on experiments that they have been developing and conducting since last year.

The process began last summer with a 10-15-page research paper on a topic of the student’s choice. Then students had to design an experiment or engineering project that related to their topic. Projects then had to be approved by the Braintree High School Science Fair Board, chaired by Dr. Rees. Once projects were approved, students spent several months conducting their experiments in preparation of Thursday’s fair.

Presentations consisted of a poster, research paper, and notes taken during the research process. A large number of local scientists, teachers, and professionals volunteered to judge the event. Three judges, whose scores were averaged, evaluated each student’s presentation.

Full results, provided by the Science Department, are listed below.

Kiley, Novo, and Carrara will now move on to the Massachusetts Regional Science Fair.

Full results, provided by the Science Department, are below.

1. Mark Kiley – The Effect of Global Warming on Coral Reefs
1. Vyshnavi Anandan, Chelsea Lau, and Ava Waggett – Ultraviolet Light Water Purification System
1. Jessica Tran – Parachute Shape’s Effect on Drop Times
1. Michelle Van – The Effect of Color on Memory
2. Jasmine Lau – The Effect of Salinity on Rate of Evaporation
2. Brianna McDonough – Simulation Blood Spatter from Falls
2. Ben Novo – How Long Does it Take Mold to Grow on Household Foods
2. Christina Zhu – The Effect of Increased Carbon Dioxide on Plant Growth
3. Joe Carrara A Simulation of What Happens in the Brain During an Ichemic and Hemorrhage Stroke
3. Yan Jiang – Comparing the Presence of Pigments in Different Types of Vegetables
3. Erica Morrissey – The Name is in the Color of the Tongue
3. Serena Wong – Technology: How It’s Changed Society

Special Commendation:

1 Amanda Mei – Extreme Weather on the Rise
2 Zoe Tai – Converting Sound Energy into Electrical Energy
3 Audrey Hallahan – Do Different Types of Household Products Kill More Bacteria than Others
4 Ellen McNiff – The Risk of Plastic Water Bottles
5 Colleen Ahern – The Effect of Healthy Lifestyle on Brain Function
6 Kelly Martin – Comparing the Durability of Nail Polishes at Different Price Ranges
7 John Barry – Which Material Used for Making Coffee Mugs Retains the Most Heat Over a Period of Time
8 Jillian Devine – The Effect of Light Brightness on Plant Growth
9 Kai Chun Chan – The Electromagnetic Projectile Accelerator
10 Anthony Rogers – Is the Speed of Sound Dependent on the Density of the Medium Through Which it Travels?