Reaction to #WhiteCulture

by Jessica Tran
Class of 2016

NOTE: None of these tweets pertain to any students at Braintree High School. All quotes and references are made of users on Twitter.

White Culture

On Saturday, September 27th, I got home from a visit to Boston with a friend and made my usual rounds on social media. I skimmed Instagram and Facebook, but was surprised when I saw Twitter. #Whiteculture was trending worldwide.

Oh no. Please no.

I clicked the tag and was bewildered. It ranged from some people saying things to be funny, ironic, historic, and even crude.

Some users referenced historical events when European colonists came to America and decimated the Native American population or when they exploited Africa. Others, such as @WickedBeaute, criticized the white race as a whole by describing how they “appropriated” other cultures by posting photos of Katy Perry wearing a Kimono performing at a concert and another of Victoria Secret Model Karlie Kloss wearing a Native American styled headdress on a runway show with lingerie. Finally, others were identifying how people are treated differently based on race in America. One user posted two graphs that said whites used more drugs, however more blacks were convicted (Source of data is not confirmed).

I tried to find the source of this hashtag and found that it is actually from 2009. Not exactly relevant, so I dug around Twitter more and learned that #Whiteculture has been around for about five years sporadically posted through isolated tweets. The catalyst for its worldwide trending topic that weekend? Unknown. When I searched for “all” tweets with #Whiteculture I scrolled down to only the recent seven hours.

It can’t be worse right? Wrong.

As I read some of these tweets, Twitter said that a related search was #Blackculture and #WhiteTwitterVsBlackTwitter.

I read those tweets and I understood that it was pretty much a backlash to the first.

However, I did find some glimmers of hope. Users such as @Darkstylestho said, “If you think hashtags like #whiteculture and #blackculture are helping in any way you’re severely mistaken.”

My faith in humanity was restored. A little bit.

My takeaway? Just disappointment in society. Why is there a need to mold a race to a hashtag? Is it kind? No. Factual? Not always. Comical? Unfortunately to some people, yes. While there were some users claiming that reverse racism is false, it does not justify these actions right in any way. By continuing to say, or type, these kind of things is not helping the situation of race inequality at all.

Just stop with #(insert nationality here)culture. Every culture is unique with their own story, food, history, art, and even regrets. We should embrace and learn from each other’s cultures rather than joke and isolate them.