Poll Results: Best Teachers

by Joe Walsh
BHS News

Braintree High News recently conducted its first poll, in order to find out what qualities make an exemplary teacher. We received several responses from students highlighting various qualities they admire in their teachers.

Several teachers’ individual qualities were commended, such as the way Ms. Murphy respects her students by treating them like adults, the way Dr. Passegio makes learning easy, and the confidence Dr. Ribisi instills in his students through his teaching.

There were also many recurring themes in the responses we received. One of the major recurring themes was the willingness of certain teachers to put in extra time and effort in order to support their students. One student noted Mr. Dinh’s continuous availability, “He is almost always available after school. Also he is honest with his students and doesn’t try to shelter us or sugar coat what happens.” Few students enjoy staying after for extra help but they certainly appreciate the time and effort their teachers put forth. “Mr. Pelletier’s work ethic goes above and beyond. His APUSH students might not enjoy coming in on Saturday mornings for extra time in the classroom, but we definitely appreciate a teacher that cares so much about us.” However, as one student points out, it is not only the willingness to spend time with a student that matters, a good teacher must make their students feel comfortable and respected, “Staying after with Mr. Wiggin has never been an issue for my classmates and I, he makes the atmosphere so welcoming that once that first question comes out of your mouth, you feel comfortable with the answers he gives.”

For many students, being taught by a teacher who is enthusiastic about their subject enhances the experience and enriches the curriculum. “(Mr. Marx) brings a lot of energy to the classroom. So rather than being a hotbed of note taking and monotone repetition, Mr. Marx encourages conversation, insight, and enlightenment.” Enthusiastic teachers help some students absorb the material, “I’d rather have a teacher that enjoys teaching the subject and helps his/her students strive to get a good grade, over one that is careless and throws us a book to teach ourselves.”

Contrary to popular belief, many students enjoy being academically challenged by their teachers. “Ms. Lang was nice, but she still pushed her students to do their best.” “(Mrs. Spear) cared more about us comprehending the material rather than just going through the curriculum.”

Braintree High is fortunate to have such a vast multitude of extraordinary teachers such as those mentioned in the poll, and the countless others that help make our school a better place.

Joe Walsh is a founding member of BHS News. He specializes in local government.