NHS Inducts 88 New Members

by Andrew Holland
Class of 2015

Every spring, as the school year reaches its final stages, the Braintree High School National Honor Society hosts the annual Induction Ceremony. Described by Mr. Riordan as the “biggest academic night of the school year” this ceremony invites juniors into the society and recognizes the graduating senior class. This year’s ceremony (held on April 7) was a great success and enjoyed greatly by the students, teachers, friends and family of Braintree High School.


The night began with a reception in the main foyer. NHS students, parents, and teachers who had been recognized were able to socialize while enjoying refreshments and appetizers. On this year’s menu, there were meatballs, bacon-wrapped-scallops, chicken tenders, and quiche. Overall the food was fairly good and I would rate it 7/10. Guests were also entertained by members of the school band.

As the guests made their way into the auditorium, the students entered in an organized procession and made their way to seats on the stage. Officers from the senior class were the first to the podium, and they lit three candles representing the cornerstones of the NHS- character, scholarship, and leadership; as well as explain what it means to be in the National Honor Society. Next, the house masters made their way to the podium to begin to ‘pinning’ stage of the ceremony. During this time, members of the senior class give a NHS pin to a junior as a way to recognize their entrance into the society. While the junior is being pinned, the house masters read their kind words regarding a teacher or coach (from any period during their school years) that they feel have had a positive impact on their learning experience. For many, this is the best part of the night, because you get to hear how students truly appreciate certain adults and want to thank them for their hard work. This years junior class had many recognitions for Mr. Dinh, as well as Mr. Pellitier. It is also nice to see when students acknowledge somebody from their elementary or middle school years. This goes to show how a teacher can leave a lasting impression on someone and cause them to feel the need to recognize and thank that teacher many years later.

As the night moved on, the next part of the ceremony was the distribution of the graduating cords to the senior class. During this section, house masters read the student’s name and their future plans including their major and possible college they may be attending. The student makes their way to the stage where Mrs. Ward, the NHS advisor, places a gold cord around their neck. The senior class will wear these cords at graduation to distinguish their membership in the National Honor Society.

The final part of the night was a speech given to a teacher who the senior class collectively votes for. This year’s teacher was Mrs. Kreinsen King, and considering how the Class of 2015 was the last group of students to have her as a teacher before her retirement, it meant a lot for the students, faculty, and parents. Her speech congratulated the senior class and talked about her years teaching at Braintree High School.

Overall the night was a great success. It is ceremony that allows students to be recognized for their hard work in the classroom.

Andrew Holland is a student in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition