New Teacher Interview: Ms. Lange

Interview Conducted by Serena Wong
Photography by Meg White

Ms. Lange

Classes: Spanish II, III and IV.

What is your favorite thing related to Spanish?
Culture. I love the cultural aspect of Spanish. I spent the past two years in Madrid and actually just got back in August. I taught high school and elementary school English there; it was a really good experience that helped me improve my Spanish a lot. I also love the food – they eat a lot of ham, a lot of seafood, and really good bread.

What is your one pet peeve?
When people are eating and they scrape their fork against their teeth. I hate that.

Is this your first year teaching, or have you already done some teaching?
This is my first year teaching in the US. [Three years overall.]

How do you like Braintree High so far?
I love it. So far, so good. I get lost a lot. Kids will come up to me and be like, ‘Where’s room 273?’ and I’ll be like, ‘I think it’s on that side’, so I’m still kind of figuring it out. There’s a lot of rooms, a lot of kids, the third floor’s a mess. I feel like all of the students and teachers are really nice. They’ve all been helpful in getting me oriented.

What’s the best thing about teaching Spanish?
I love teaching the culture, and something that’s really fun is acting and singing and dancing in front of the class. I speak almost completely in Spanish during the class, so to get my students to understand me, I have to do a lot of actions. It can be exhausting, but it’s fun!

If you could teach any other subject, what would you teach and why?
I don’t think I’d be qualified to teach this, but I’d teach English because I love reading. If I knew a lot about literature and was really good at that, I think it’d be really good to have class discussions about that.

What’s one thing you’d want people to know about you?
I’m from Nebraska. That’s random!

Ms. Lange can be found in room 211.