Movie Review: Frozen

By Gloria Han and Jasmine Lau
BHS News

Grossing over $980 million to date, Frozen is one of the biggest Disney hits to hit theaters since Toy Story 3. Released about four months ago, Frozen has the longest running streak so far for a film in 2014. It recently won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song for “Let it Go.” The movie had already won the Golden Globe Award and Critic’s Choice Award for Best Animated Film.

Frozen: Doesn't Live Up To Hype

Frozen: Doesn’t Live Up To Hype

Appealing to supposedly all ages, Frozen revolves around the story of Anna and Elsa, daughters of the king and queen of the fictional kingdom, Arendelle. Elsa, the older of the two, possesses a magical power to generate ice and snow. At first seen as a gift, Elsa’s power transitions into a curse when she accidentally loses control. She is then rendered dangerous and left in isolation until it is her time to take the throne, where the real trouble starts.

Hearing so much about the film, I anticipated quite a lot for the movie. I was a little disappointed after actually watching it in theaters. The film, though charming and even heart-warming, leaves a lot unsaid. The beginning starts off with the display of Elsa’s wonderful magical powers, but gives no background information as to where or how it comes from. Fortunately, the catchy and creative songs move the film along, leaving little to be distracted by.

Yet, there’s an unsatisfactory feeling at the end, even when everything is resolved. Other than the obvious romantic chemistry that blossoms between the main male and female leads, Cristoff and Anna, there is no tangible character development in either characters. There is also no real release of tension from conflicts throughout the movie—it almost feels as if everything sort of flows along too smoothly. The ending is also a true fairy tale ending, really not different from any other Disney movie.

Altogether, the movie was enjoyable and sweet, but it establishes itself no different from other animation films. It doesn’t quite reach the idolization status and hype that has surrounded it since its popularity.