How to Beat Senioritis

by Sarah Casey
BHS News

With only seven weeks left until the seniors’ last day, all of us are ready to put down our pens, pencils, and books and break out our beach gear. I think we’ve all heard the magic word at this point: senioritis. Yes, all of us seniors are ready to graduate and know this feeling of relaxation and limited motivation; however, we do still have seven short weeks to put our best effort forward. Here are some tips to stay motivated for the remaining time we have in high school.


First, get some sleep. In order to allow us to stay alert and focused, sleep is the most important. It refuels our bodies and helps us remember all of those math equations for upcoming tests.

Second, keep studying. The easiest thing to do is procrastinate and say “I’ll study later” but in most cases, this results in failure or an undesirable grade. Who wants to get a D in their last term of high school?

Third, set short term goals for long term projects. If a teacher assigns a three page paper due, write a paragraph a night. This way, you will not become overwhelmed with the lurking deadline, and the essay will come out better than ever. And, depending on the severity of your senioritis, it will actually get done in the first place.

A fourth tip for beating senioritis it to remind yourself why school work is still important. We all are aware that even though our college acceptance letters have already arrived, colleges state that your acceptance can be revoked if, in your last few terms, your grades are not up to par. Use this as motivation to keep yourself going for the rest of the year.

The thought of graduation and beginning a new chapter of our lives is enthralling and slightly nerve wracking for some, but seniors: keep your best foot forward! We are not in the clear yet, and the rest of the year still counts. With only seven weeks left, we can definitely make it through successfully.

Sarah Casey is a student in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition