Environmental Club Prepares For Upcoming Fundraiser

by Brian McDermott
BHS News

The Environmental Club at Braintree High School gathered in Ms. MacDonald’s classroom on Tuesday afternoon in order to prepare for an upcoming fundraiser intended to benefit the club.

The Environmental Club is working on a holiday-themed arts and crafts project that they hope will help the club raise money to fund future projects for the environmentally-friendly group. In the spirit of eco-friendliness, the current project consists of creating “snowflakes” made from the bottoms of recycled plastic water bottles.

The bottoms of plastic bottles have been painted white and covered with glitter in order to make them look decorative and similar to oversized snowflakes. Holes were punched in the bottoms of the bottles in order for students to tie strings through them and make knots with the intention of allowing the decorative snowflakes to be hung from objects such as Christmas trees. Some bottle bottoms were snipped further to make uniquely-shaped “snowflakes.” The idea for the environmentally-friendly project came from the advisor of the Environmental Club, Ms. MacDonald.

Club members hope to sell the snowflakes for an inexpensive, yet undetermined price. Members intend on selling the decorations at the upcoming high school holiday concerts in December. The Environmental Club meets Tuesday afternoons in Ms. MacDonald’s classroom and completes environmentally-related projects.