Dodgeball 2016

Story by Brian McDermott
Photography by Meg White
Class of 2016

Tuesday’s Ninth Annual Dodgeball tournament was won by Blitzkrieg, a team completely composed of underclassmen.

Playing in red shirts with their nicknames written on the back, the team emerged victorious after nearly three hours of play. Thirty three teams participated in the tournament.

“We’re just out there working hard [and] hard work pays off with games like this,” said AJ Decoste, a member of Blitzkrieg.

“We’re just so very well-rounded,” he continued. “It’s just such a great team.”

Though only one team could emerge victorious, a competitive yet festive atmosphere filled the gym with hundreds of participants and onlookers.

“We lost, but it was fun,” said senior Jessie Tenaglia of her team, The Lucky Charms.

Even with the exciting atmosphere, winning the tournament called for a Blitzkrieg celebration.

“We’re going to go party,” said Decoste after winning.