December Town Council Notes: Storm Communication Plan Approved

Councilor At Large Sean Powers

Councilor At Large Sean Powers

by Joe Walsh
BHS News

The Braintree Town Council met Tuesday and unanimously approved Councilor Sean Powers’ proposed Policy and Procedure for Storm Communications.

The purpose of the policy is to ensure a line of communication between Mayor Joseph Sullivan and Braintree Town Council members, during storms or other weather related events. The policy reads “ The Mayor’s office will designate a Point of Contact (POC) to be reached during business hours and non-business hours. Councilors may contact this person and make inquiries on behalf of constituents or specific issues,…or seek information regarding storm or weather related event operations at that time. The Mayor’s Office will provide an oral briefing within 12 hours or next morning business hours for all councilors on storm or weather related information on town operations…”

The policy also identifies several lines of communication which the Mayor’s office has available to communicate with the public during such an event, including a reverse 911 calling service, and posting of information on Braintree’s website and social media accounts.

Councilor Paul Dan Clifford, who serves with Councilor Powers on the Committee of Rules and Ordinances which approved the proposal, stated that like all policies this proposal should act only as a guideline, and that slight procedural changes can be made based on the circumstances of each event.