Dancing with the Staff Tonight

By Jessica Tran and Matthew Ryan
BHS News

Tonight at 6pm at Braintree High School, the Dance Team will be holding an annual fundraising event in the auditorium. This gathering, Dancing with the Staff, features the Braintree High Varsity Dance Team performing with teachers.

The courageous teachers participating include, Ms. Carpinella, Ms. Culbertson, Mr. Daley, Ms. Gorman, Ms. Malvey, Mr. Marx, Ms. Mills, Mr. Nellis, Mr. Okolowitcz, Ms. Rodd, Ms. Roffo, Ms. Thomas, Ms. Wheeler, and Ms. Wallenstein.

When asked about rehearsal, sophomore dancer Keziah Odon said “Yes, it’s been really crazy trying to get this done in a certain amount of time since December.”

Mr. Marx, and English teacher participating, replied “So far, so good. We fall a lot and my body is sore. It hurts, but I think in the end, the Dance Team is being very nice and patient with us and making us do our very best.”

In general, most of the teachers preforming tonight are somewhat tense. When asked if nervous about the upcoming show, one teacher (who asked not to be identified) said “A little bit, but I’m just going to have fun with it.”, and another anonymous teacher said “I’ve never been more nervous about anything in my entire life. I spend most of my time crying and I’m worried that I am going to throw up during the performance.”

Tonight’s performance is sure to be plenty of fun, and will hopefully raise some money for the Dance Team. Tickets will be sold at the door.