Choral Collaborations and Concert Choirs a Success at the All Town Choral Concert

by Namita Arunkumar
BHS News

Fresh faces met with experienced veterans at the All Town Choral Concert at East Middle School last Thursday. This concert has been a Braintree tradition for many years, combining a select number of fifth graders from the different elementary schools to sing together, as well as each middle school’s concert choirs and Braintree High’s own concert choir.

The fifth graders started off the night and were led by Ms. Smith, Ms. Martin, Ms. Polizzi, and Ms. Herrman, who are the current music teachers at the different elementary schools. Each teacher led a different song. Songs the fifth graders sang included “Charlotte-Town”, “The Path to the Moon”, “Siyahamba”, and “When You’re Smiling”, which many of us probably remember from our own elementary school days. This new generation of singers put a smile on many of the faces in the audience, not only because of their sweet voices, but because of their obvious attempt to be calm and professional in what must have been a new and exciting environment for all of them. In the face of a big crowd, a big stage and an even bigger school, these children deserve props for handling themselves like professionals.

The middle school groups did not disappoint either. The South Middle School Concert Choir sang “Like the Beat of a Drum”, “The Irish Blessing”, and “Let me Ride (Swing Down Chariot)” under the direction of Mr. Sawtelle. The East Middle School Concert Choir sang the pieces “My Heart Now Gives Itself to You”, “Homeward Bound”, and “Little Innocent Lamb”. Both groups impressed the crowd and showed promise in their voices and maturity.

As usual, the high school concert choir was a hit. Led by Ms. Hallenbeck, the group sang the songs “All Too Soon”, “A Quiet Place”, and “Battle Hymn of the Republic”. The award-winning chorus was at their best tonight, and gave people something to talk about afterwards.

To end the show, all the students and teachers at every level got together and sang a medley of “Lean on Me/ We Shall Overcome” (directed with Ms. Hallenbeck) together. Not only did the performance receive a standing ovation, it brought tears to many people in the audience as well. Said one teary mother of four, “All my children were up on that stage together. I‘m so proud of all them.”

This concert not only served to entertain, but also to remind everyone that even though we are all spread around Braintree and are all at different places in our lives, we are all united in the children and the town and are stronger when we are together.