BTV Changes Direction

by Lauren Ahern
BHS News

The Braintree High School student-run show “BTV” airing on the Braintree Community channel has become quite the target of attention from the student body like never before; mainly because of all of the humorous antics caught on camera by the crew. Teachers and students competing against each other every episode in the quiz show “Are You Smarter than a Teacher?” kids reenacting scenes by the famous Nicolas Cage, and the fan favorite banana on the run skit starring Brendan Newell are only some of the hilarious moments aired.

But the latest decision made by the producers of the show is to change the direction of the program: BTV will now be a more news-orientated broadcast, hoping to inform the students about events and announcements going on around them. The class hopes to showcase all the talent the students have to offer, and capture the excitement of all of the after school events taking place.

Mr. Nellis, the advisor for the class, has even decided to change the on-screen talent, making the new hosts Erin Shea and Brendan Newell. Shea will also be taking on the role of field reporter, capturing all the newsworthy events taking place at BHS first hand. The pair is both incredibly pleased with their new positions.

“Being the new host feels really empowering as lame as that sounds.” says Shea, “It’s a cable TV show but it’s made all by students and being a part of it is something I won’t ever forget about my high school experience. Being on site reporting is also a thrill. It’s been an odd transition but it’s just cool I get to report on what’s going on around BHS.”

Shea’s co-host agrees, saying, “It’s always fun to film and with the help of the few BCAM members, we always seem to get a good story.”

New episodes of “BTV” will start airing in early March; you can go to to see the full schedule of BCAM’s programs.