Braintree High News Reaches 10,000 Page Views

by Mr. Dahlbeck
BHS News

With the recent run of sports success, our association with the Braintree Patch, and AP students posting stories and then Tweeting and Facebooking about them, topped 10,000 page views this morning.

The site was started in November 2013 and has been steadily gaining in popularity.

Our most viewed story of all time is currently Namita Arunkumar’s story on the healthy food vending machine from January. January also brought our best day, January 7, the day after Namita’s story was posted.

People have been steered to the site from The Braintree Patch, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, tumblr and search engines.

Thanks for your continued support.

Mr. Dahlbeck is the faculty advisor of BHS News