BHS Seniors Would Benefit from Internships

by Jess Fruth
Class of 2015

The job market in the United States has progressively become more difficult to enter for graduating college students, limited jobs are not the entirety of the problem. Lack of experience in the work place can have detrimental effects on someone’s application and qualification for their real-world jobs. Despite what America may think, you cannot learn experience in a classroom. You cannot learn job skills in a classroom. Students need to learn these skills before they are sent into the real world, and before they can have their first real job. If more high schools supported programs that guided high school seniors to enter internships at 18, they will easily be able to transition into the tough job market, and help their resume while they’re at it.

90% of surveyed companies agree that high school internships will benefit graduating students in the job market, according to Education Week’s “Experiencing Success at Work: High School Internships.” 70% of those companies believe that previous work experience can help land successful internships during their college years. Eighteen year-old college freshmen enter school with likely no idea what they want to do in their future, someone cannot ask a college student what they want to do in their future or how they want to do it when three months ago they still needed to ask to go to the bathroom. Entering college students need to be exposed to what they may want to do, or may see themselves doing in a few years instead of making a choice out of mere lack of knowledge. By exposing these graduating high school seniors to the real work-force, can help them decide what they may want to go to college for, which can also save them time and money when they need to transfer schools if they do not have their new major.

Massachusetts schools such as Framingham High School, Natick High School and Taunton High School already have senior internship programs in their curriculum. In Framingham High School’s Programs and Studies guide, it states that Framingham has a Senior Internship Course (Course 966) that is worth 1.5 credits that seniors would “benefit by experiencing the real world of work in an interest-related career.” This program is completed with a career-based study to help match the student with an interest-related career, help create a work-resume, practice interviewing skills and then sent into the internship February through April. This course will “help them to build self-confidence, improve social and communicational skills, and potentially create a beginning network for future careers.” Natick and Taunton have similar programs that aim for the same goals that Framingham does that include gaining valuable experience to help influence their understanding and qualifications for more internships or real jobs in their futures.

According to the article from July 18, 2013 “The Benefits of Internships for High School Students,” internships help build skills, provides you with invaluable resources, gives you hands on experience, help refine your career goals and makes your resume stand out from those who had not entered an internship before. If we can provide valuable skills, experience, and resources to high school seniors who will likely be thrown out into the work-world with little to no experience, we may be able to help these young-adults develop for their jobs before they have to begin. Who couldn’t have wished that they had a little kick start?

Jess Fruth is a student in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition