Advice Column: Midyear Exams

by Thien Nguyen
BHS News

By now, a lot of you may have heard that Mid-Year Exams are coming up next week from January 22, 2014 – January 24, 2014. Mid-Year Exams are not something that students should let “pass by,” because they are worth 10% of your overall grade. For all students, and especially freshmen, teachers were interviewed regarding how students should study, what to do when students may not understand a certain topic, and how to remain calm to succeed during the exams.

Q: What would be the most effective way for students to study?

“It depends on the student. Everyone has their own strategy of studying. They just need to find it.”
-Ms. Larkin, Social Studies

“Know the best way to learn, and write it down. Understand the experience that you may have during the exam and don’t be afraid to ask about the format.”
-Ms. Murphy, English

“Keep your materials organized, complete all your reviews, and redo the problems.”
-Mr. Okolowitcz, Math

Q: If students are studying and they come across a topic or concept they do not know or understand, what should they do?

“Ask questions regarding those topics to the teacher, or someone you may know. You can also access online resources, two which include Khan Academy and Brightstorm.”
-Ms. Mangiapane, Math

“Come up with concrete questions for those topics and ask your teacher, but do not expect them to reteach everything.”
-Ms. Roffo, Foreign Language

Q: How should students stay calm (for example, they may encounter a question they do not know instantly) and/or how might they be able to succeed during the exam?

“Skip to other problems if you struggle. It is also recommended that you do the problems with the highest point value first.”
-Ms. Gorman, English

“The mid-year exams are about time management. Manage your time wisely for each section of the mid-year exam, so that you can finish the entire exam.”
-Mr. Krall, Social Studies

“Read each question carefully, and give yourself time to jog your memory, so that you can answer the questions you may have not been able to answer instantly.”
-Dr. Passeggio, Science