Adopt-A-Family Captures the Holiday Spirit

by Matt Bright
BHS News

This year the Braintree High School Adopt-a-Family program aided over twenty five families. Ms. Forger, a Braintree High School math teacher and the Student Council advisor, is in charge of the organization. She worked with twenty seven clubs, teams, and other organizations to help those in need this time of year. Student Council played a significant role this year in the reaching out aspect, to organization’s or individuals willing to support the families in their times of need.

The Adopt-a-Family foundation is revolved around the generosity of citizens all over the community. Families that are in need of help contact someone from the school, such as community liaison Doreen Brids, and are then anonymously assigned to a group or team willing to donate food, clothes and other gifts.

As donations come in, Student Council sorts them and arranges for pickup or delivery.

“I think it is important for students to learn how to run a program from start to finish,” said Ms. Forger. “The time and effort that is needed and how what you put in comes back tenfold. But more importantly, it is important for the students to see how they can be involved with their community and truly make a difference.”

Ms. Forger said that the twenty seven different groups coordinated the donation of items.

“Everyone does a wonderful job!” said Ms Forger. “But I would like to thank administration, staff, teachers, students and all of the community members who make this possible for their support.”

Looking at all of the gifts and food in one room can be overwhelming for the students and teachers involved.

“I am always humbled by how much our school groups donate,” said Ms. Forger. “The most fun part is seeing all of the donations as a total sum and how lucky we are to be part of such a giving community who is willing to help each other.”

Ms. Forger said that participating in the program is rewarding for both her and the students.

“[Working with the Adopt-a-Family program] is a humble reminder of what celebrating the holiday season is about. It’s not even about the gifts being donated, but about the personal connections we are making. I know this program makes a difference, and the fact that it is on a local level makes the connections more personal.”