A New Chapter for the BHS Community

by Brian McDermott and Joseph Walsh
Class of 2016

As President James Madison once said: “the advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guard of true liberty.”
This universal concept has, over time, engrained itself into the collective consciousness of Americans, and it has become an ideal which every successful community strives to maintain.
Braintree High School is not just a school, it is a community full of diverse individuals, who by contributing in their respective roles, help to ensure the success of this establishment.
In order for any community to be prosperous there must be a high degree of self-awareness and honest deliberation. The tool which humanity has used for centuries to achieve this ideal is the news media, a vital institution for any community that prides itself on collective integrity.
For many years, Braintree High lacked this institution, that is until September of 2013 when a small, yet devoted group of like-minded individuals created BHS News.
The goal of BHS News is to provide the school with valuable information primarily concerning Braintree High School, but also including the town as a whole.
In addition to informing the school community, BHS News also aims to provide an outlet where students interested in journalism, photography, and business can work together and develop their talents, while at the same time providing the school with a valuable service.
The website BraintreeHighNews.com has been run successfully for over a year, but with this expansion into the world of print journalism, BHS News embarks on a new journey that will inform, entertain, and create discussion amongst the student body.

This article originally appeared in the January print edition of Braintree High News, which is available here