2014 Ski Trip A Success

by Laurel O’Keefe
BHS News

More than 100 students piled onto two coach buses last Friday in pursuit of a snow filled weekend. Chaperoned by a handful of teachers, Braintree High School students packed up their ski gear and strapped in for a three hour bus ride to Attitash Mountain Resort. The bus ride was filled with chatter and movies. With over a hundred students in attendance, BHS managed to wrangle up their largest crowd of students for the overnight trip yet.

Starting at three o’clock on Friday afternoon, students and chaperones set sail for the North Conway Grand Hotel. Here they set up camp for the night on the second floor before exploring the outlet mall adjacent to the hotel. With almost sixty different stores to visit, some students spent the evening shopping until the outlets closed. Others opted to grab dinner at one of the restaurants close by and a few even skipped straight to dessert and headed to Dairy Queen or the White Mountain Cupcakery.

With an in-room curfew of 11:30 pm most students also took time to enjoy the hotel’s heated outdoor pool or game room. Riveting games of air hockey and boisterous conversations around the campfire near the pool filled the night. Intense games of hide and seek utilized every level of the hotel and music streamed through the halls of the second floor. Around midnight the second floor fell to a hush as whispers of excitement gave way to the quest for a few hours of sleep.

The next morning started early with fair ski conditions and clear skies. After a hearty breakfast the two buses set off for the mountain at around 8 o’clock on a twenty minute drive to Attitash. Skis and snowboards were hastily unloaded from both buses as students raced to hit the trails or to begin lessons. Rental equipment was passed out with ease for those who did not bring their own gear.

Even with the ideal weather conditions, the mountain was not nearly as crowded as expected, allowing almost direct access to ski lifts and quick rides to the top. Braintree High students and chaperones had no difficulty spreading out across all sides of the mountain as they sped down slopes and breathed in fresh crisp air. Sixty seven different trails kept the skiers and snowboarders of different capability levels entertained for roughly seven hours.

Even after an exhausting day, both buses departed from Attitash filled with happy babbling students. Although there were no reported injuries, as with all skiers, students more than likely walked away with a few bruises and sore muscles. Despite this and slight weariness, it was agreed by all who attended that the ski trip this year was surely a resounding success.