2014 Red Sox Season Preview

by Andrew Scarlata
BHS News

Last season, the Red Sox were absolutely magical. They had it all. Ben Cherington was genius, last seasons’ roster moves were pure art, especially the acquisition of former sox pitching coach John Farrell as manager. Going from worst to first, one probably wasn’t expecting the sox to have a very active offseason.

Even though last season was spectacular, hopefully the sox will be able to focus on the present and the future.

Following a rather quiet offseason, one might ask: what should we expect from our Boston Red Sox come the 2014 season?

Roster Moves

AJ Pierzynski C: hit .272 with 17 home runs last season with the Texas Rangers. He has a career batting average of .283, even though he is nearing the end of his career at age 36. This makes up for the loss of Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who had a great season with the Sox, hitting a career high .273.

Grady Sizemore CF: has been out for the past two seasons following knee and back injuries. Has a career batting average of .269 and is known for his superior fielding ability. The question is whether or not he can stay healthy. He makes up for the loss of Jacoby Ellsbury (who signed a huge contract with the Yanks). He hit .298 for the Red Sox last season.

Who Will Emerge This Season?


Xander Bogaerts: Could be this year’s starting shortstop pending Stephen Drew’s departure. The kid showed amazing poise at the plate in the 2013 Postseason. He is still a #1 top prospect. Bogaerts faced a ton of top pitchers in the 2013 Postseason. He was able to put together some amazing at bats. In game six of the ALCS he worked a one out walk to put runners in scoring position against Max Scherzer, which was instrumental in taking the final game of the series. Keep in mind he’s only 21 years old.

Daniel Nava: Perhaps one of the more underrated players. He hit .303 last season and knocked 12 homers, a couple of which were walk-offs. During his career with the Red Sox he has shown much composure at the plate, and has put together many great at bats at times when the sox needed them.

Revival of the Red Sox vs Yankees Rivalry

Jacoby Ellsbury’s 7 year, $153M contract has to add some fuel to the fire. Seeing as though the Yankees have had a very active offseason, they have the potential to be a better team this year. Last season’s rivalry with the Tampa Bay Rays got pretty intense and included a bench clearing brawl, but that could simmer down this season whilst the Yanks rivalry heats up.

Andrew Scarlata is a contributor to BHS News