Here are some stories, from other sites, that we have been reading and thought may be interesting to people at BHS or in the city of Braintree.



Information for people interested in writing their own editorial, including examples of award winning student work from The New York Times

2015 New York Times Editorial Contest Winners

New York Times Video: How to Write an Editorial


Will John Henry Save The Globe? from Boston Magazine (March 2014 issue) – A profile of John Henry, who recently bought The Boston Globe, and his plans to try to reshape the newspaper and, possibly, the industry.

The Boston Marathon Bombing

Jahar’s World from Rolling Stone (July 2013) – The controversial profile of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev that featured a cover photo that many people in Boston considered offensive.

The Fall of the House Tsarnaev from The Boston Globe (December 2013) – The Boston Globe’s exhaustive profile of the Tsarnaev family that focuses less on the bombing than on their upbringing and family life.

Minimum Wage

For $1 per Big Mac, a truly livable salary for millions from The Boston Globe (February 18, 2014) – An editorial about the true cost to fast food restaurants of raising the minimum wage.