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  • Let’s Play

    by Alex Kephart BHS News YouTube. The biggest video sharing website in the world. It has become so big that 100 hours of video content are uploaded to the site every minute. This content ranges from scientific discussions, to lifestyle videos, to some random guy making his cat dance to dubstep. In recent years, there […]

  • League of Legends Season Four Review

    By Shane Vass BHS News The League of Legends season 4 has been presented. Many changes are going to be made to the jungle, support class, masteries, and the items in game. Riot, the creator of League of Legends, has changed the jungle so many times in the past 2 seasons that it is hard […]

  • World of Warcraft Expansion Pack Review

    By Nathan Bruce BHS News The new expansion for World of Warcraft has been announced. There are many new additions including new character models, a level cap increase to 100 and a number crunch. First the character models; WoW has been using the same models for over nine years. This is a necessary update because […]