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  • Chicago Gives BHS The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle

    by Jasmine Lau and Namita Arunkumar Class of 2016 With each new school year comes a new school musical, and this year the BHSTG did not disappoint with their production of the popular play Chicago. Inspired by the 1920’s trial cases of Beaulah Annan and Belva Gaertner, the story of Roxie Hart begins in the […]

  • Quick Eats – Mango Salsa and Strawberries on a Cloud

    by Namita Arunkumar BHS News Every high school student knows that the key to staying sane through classes, clubs, sports, jobs, volunteering, and life in general is a happy stomach. But when life gets hectic, which happens all too often, who has time for food? In this new addition to the site, we hope to […]

  • Move Over Meat, Tofu Is Coming to Chipotle

    by Namita Arunkumar BHS News Chipotle has easily become one of the most popular restaurant chains across the United States. Riding the wave of health consciousness which has swept the American public away in recent years, Chipotle has capitalized on the average consumer’s concern for their well-being in a big way. And they are hoping […]

  • A New Age of School Snacking Arrives at BHS

    by Namita Arunkumar BHS News It happens to everybody during the school day; that time when the stomach grumbles in protest and it becomes impossible to focus on anything but keeping the sounds of your angry stomach quiet. Needless to say, during times like these, snacks are a godsend. Vending machines at school help keep […]