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  • Club Profile: Red Cross Club

    By Leah Tan BHS News Since its founding just over a year ago by President Julia Eby, the Red Cross Club has grown tremendously and today consists of a diverse group of students who are passionate about contributing to their community and helping others. Julia came up with the idea to form BHS’s Red Cross […]

  • Teacher Profile: Mr. Dahlbeck

    by Melissa Blakeslee BHS News In the second grade, I used to think that the closets in the classrooms had pullout beds inside and that’s where teachers slept. As I got older I came to realize that teacher actually had lives outside of school. When I got to high school I had a teacher named […]

  • Club Profile: Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

    by Angie Hastings BHS News This year, the Gay-Straight Alliance truly hit its stride. Under the leadership of faculty advisor Mr. Marx and president Catherine Conley, the GSA has become extremely successful. With upwards of thirty members altogether, the GSA is becoming more prevalent than ever before. Each meeting brings in more and more new […]

  • Snapshot Profile: Mrs. Shaban

    by Leah Tan BHS News In our new series “Snapshot Profiles” we hope to capture a small glimpse into the lives of the people who help make BHS so special. This is the first of what we hope will be a long series of those glimpses. Where can you find a homemade card for a […]

  • Artists? Or Something More?

    by Olivia Mansfield BHS News How would you define an artist? Someone who is creative and imaginative? Someone who can pick up a pencil and draw the contours of the human body with amazing precision? How about a crazed man who cuts off his own ear? Or someone obsessed with ballerinas? A sculpture? A digital […]

  • Day in the Life: Techie During Tech Week

    by Matt Stidham BHS News Tech week. Everyone involved fears it, yet simultaneously enjoys it. It’s a week full of emotion, but lacking in physical energy. After surviving my eighth and final tech week I have concluded that the best way to fully understand it is to actually experience it. And so I present a […]

  • Club Profile: Mock Trial

    by Christina Nguyen BHS News The court room is chilly. The atmosphere tense with anticipation as the judge announces the verdict. And it all boils down to this verdict, the hours of courtroom deliberation. There were passionate opening statements about this year’s case—a tragic airplane crash—and emotional testimony from the witnesses. The lawyers objected and […]

  • A Day In The Life: BHSTG at METG Festival

    by Maria Qureshi BHS News The day started early: 6:30 sharp. Cast and crew members came prepared – coffees in hand, extra t-shirts and a questionable amount of family sized snacks stuffed in backpacks. Students tapped their feet and circulate around one each in nervousness, excitement, and, of course, to refrain from freezing in the […]

  • Student Perspective: Living with a Concussion

    This is the second of what we hope will become a series of articles by students explaining one aspect of their life. This entry, by Matt Bright (2016) is about living with a concussion. by Matt Bright BHS News A Braintree Patch article was released stating that over fifty three students this year were affected […]

  • Can You Wash Your Hands Please? I Don’t Want to Die

    This is the first of what we hope will become a series of articles by students explaining one aspect of their life. This entry, by Grant Brugger (2014) is about living with a peanut allergy by Grant Brugger BHS News A peanut allergy seems like a trivial thing to those who have never dealt with […]