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  • Blast From The Past

    by Adriana McDevitt Class of 2015 Vinyl, or records, may seem like a thing of the past but they are on a slow uprise, with sales increasing by 49% in 2014. Although early versions of records existed from 1880 and on, durable vinyl records were not mass produced and patented until 1948. They took about […]

  • Class of 2015 End of the Year Schedule

    Senior Week May 19 – 27 Ribbons to support the American Cancer Society will be available during lunches during Senior Week for a dollar. Prom tickets will be on sale Monday, May 18 – Friday May 22 during A and C lunches. You must have a signed prom contract when buying the ticket. Tuesday, May […]

  • Why I Am Not At All Ready to Graduate

    by Kerrin Norton Class of 2015 “I know it’s a lot guys, but everything we do right now is preparing you for college.” How many times a day do I hear this at school? Too many to count, usually. Since the first day of freshman year, we have been “preparing for the next year”, “preparing […]

  • School Seeks Feedback On Makeup Days

    After the request for a waiver from the 180 day rule was denied by the state, the Braintree Public Schools is seeking feedback from parents, teachers, and students about how to make up snow days. The poll, which can be found here, is open until March 8 and includes questions about scheduling for future school years.

  • 2015 Dodgeball Registration Begins This Week

    by Ryan Picciuto Class of 2016 On March 11th students will be able to pelt their peers and teachers with dodgeballs either out of competition, or out of payback, during the Eighth Annual Dodgeball Tournament – an event that always brings the school together. The tournament serves as a fundraiser for the alternative programs, which […]

  • From Me To You: Advice For Freshmen From A Senior

    by Andrew J. Scarlata Class of 2015 A lot will happen during your four years in high school. You’ll gain friends, and lose some. You’ll find yourself, and make mistakes while doing it. From an experienced senior, here is some advice to help guide you through the next four years. Respect the Administration The better […]

  • Midyear Exam Schedule Change Approved

    by Joseph Walsh Class of 2016 Starting later this year, a change in the midyear and final exam schedules that was voted into action last year by the school council, will take effect. Midyear exams will now start at 7:45 as opposed to 9:15, and unlike previous years, lunch will not be served on exam […]

  • 2014 Ski Trip A Success

    by Laurel O’Keefe BHS News More than 100 students piled onto two coach buses last Friday in pursuit of a snow filled weekend. Chaperoned by a handful of teachers, Braintree High School students packed up their ski gear and strapped in for a three hour bus ride to Attitash Mountain Resort. The bus ride was […]