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  • The Demise of Ice Cream: Two Years Later

    by Mark Dunphy BHS News April 30th marks the two year anniversary of the last time a Braintree High student ate a scoop of ice cream. Thanks to the Food Services Department’s heroic decision to stop serving ice cream during lunch, no student has tasted the evil concoction of ice and cream for twelve glorious […]

  • Student Sets Sleeping Record

    by Kevin Wu BHS News For many, it’s a dream. But for one teenager, it’s a reality. A student of our very own Braintree High School, Koko Kevinmani, set a sleeping record for himself many have tried but failed to achieve: a whopping nine hours, continuous, uninterrupted. The achievement was set on Thursday of last […]

  • BHS To Repaint Building . . . Again

    by Ruben Circelli BHS News Hot off the heels of a school board committee meeting, Braintree High School announced Sunday, February 9th their intention to repaint their building the same “prison-gray” color repainted on last year. The decision to again repaint the school was reportedly unanimous. When asked about the decision an administrator said “You […]